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How Bioresonance Therapy Works

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Living organisms, including humans, are comprised of cells. Each type of cell is made up of a certain number of molecules. Molecules contain atoms which rotate at a certain frequency depending upon what kind of cell it is (eg. blood cell, external skin cell, hair cell, gastric intestine lining cell, etc.).

If the natural condition of a healthy cell is altered in any way, such as by disease or injury, it's “normal” frequency (of atom rotation) is disrupted. The body will endeavor to get that cell back to its normal condition/frequency of rotation so that the body is once more in “balance".

If the body cannot achieve this balance on its own, external supports/interventions may be helpful or necessary. Examples of this could be antibiotics, laser treatments or bio-resonance therapy. All of these interventions assist in helping the body return to balance where all its cells are operating at their “normal” frequency of rotation.

-ANANIA Wellness Client/Retired Biology Teacher

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