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Cartwright, Manitoba


About a year ago a friend recommended me to try bioresonance therapy because of all the devastating issues I was living with. My eyesight had been very poor for years and it was to the point I was finding it very difficult to cope with. This caused me major anxiety, depression and brain fog. I started treatments in January 2019 and in under a year my eyesight has improved 200% and my anxiety is gone. I am a different person with hope and courage. Michelle has led me step by step on my journey back to health.  

Even after my first treatment, I had already begun noticing substantial improvement.  She was an awesome support when I needed her. She understood the anxiety and depression I was living with and she knew exactly what to treat me for.  By following her advice and doing her treatment I have gained back my health!

Rachelle P. 

Swan River, Saskatchewan


It is a pleasure for me to share what Michelle and bioresonance have done for me. About a year ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and put on antidepressants for pain. Some of my friends wondered if I had Lyme disease. Then I heard about bioresonance from a friend as an inexpensive, noninvasive, accurate method of testing and I made an appointment with Michelle. I tested positive for Lyme bacteria and now eight months later most of my symptoms are gone! Michelle is also treating my leg/foot pain which is making a huge difference! I really appreciate Michelle's professionalism and compassion she shows to her clients.

Brenna F.

Roblin, Manitoba


I haven’t been going to Michelle for very long but I am already so impressed with her understanding and interest in her clients. I have been lactose intolerant for years and am finally able to incorporate dairy into my diet without all the negative symptoms I used to experience. It’s a pleasure to sit in her office during those hours of bioresonance treatment. I think she is doing great work and I would recommend her to anybody who may be looking to take a holistic approach with their health.

Shera E.

Linden, Alberta


We greatly appreciate Michelle's help in my road to healing. She has been an answer to our prayers. I love her personal caring way, her check-in messages "how are you doing" are always uplifting. I thank her for answering all of our questions and her continual support. We would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with health concerns. If it wasn't for her my outlook on life wouldn't be this great today. May you be richly blessed for all you are doing.

Chris F.

Bredenbury, Saskatchewan 


I heard about Michelle from a friend and heard that some people that had fibromyalgia or RA symptoms were often dealing with Lyme. I had been to doctors for quite a few years already trying to get help but they always said there was nothing wrong or they just couldn’t help me. I don’t think they believed me when I told them that I had the pain and discomfort that I did. Every day from when I got up to when I went to bed I was in pain. My feet hurt so bad in the mornings that I would take a few minutes just getting off the bed. There was one doctor that prescribed some kind of medication that helps for nerve pain and it helped some but it made me feel dizzy and nauseous so I decided not to carry on with it. I went to Michelle for a couple of treatments thinking at that point I had nothing to lose. I started to notice a difference so I decided to keep on going. I now only have a little bit of pain in the morning and it seems like my hands are getting less sensitive as well. It’s noninvasive and you don’t feel anything during treatments. I feel like I now I have courage to go back to the work I enjoyed but had quit because I couldn’t do it anymore. Michelle is professional and knowledgeable and I also was happy that she was willing to do research and see if there was anything else she could do. I went as a last resort but turned out she was the first one to offer any help and that really worked.

Michelle P.

Winnipeg, Manitoba


I had gotten very ill with chronic aseptic meningitis which conventional medicine couldn't treat. After three months into the illness when it seemed evident that I wasn’t recovering on my own, I sought naturopath treatments that included ozone and lymphatic massage therapy; however, after 6 months, I still wasn't getting better. I still ran a high fever, fatigue, weakness, some mobility difficulties, extreme head, back and all over body pain. This was very frustrating as I saw no way of recovery despite many treatments. Six months into the illness, I heard about bioresonance therapy and thought I’d give one more alternative treatment a try and I am glad I did. The therapy is noninvasive and the feedback is immediate as far as validating whether there are any pathogens found in your body. The bioresonance equipment helped to identify the pathogens that interfered from my recovery and one by one removed them until my health recovered from this infection. Michelle is a friendly, caring and optimistic therapist who has a genuine interest in helping her clients recover their health and improve their quality of life. Her extensive knowledge and experience as a Bioresonance therapist made me feel comfortable to entrust my health care with her. Where conventional medicine and other alternative medicine failed me, Michelle and bioresonance therapy helped me! 

Laura F. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Today, I have enough energy to work a part-time job, have my own business on the side and have a phenomenal relationship. I rarely have mood swings or anxiety, I can eat whatever I want without reacting and I don't have the same unbearable chronic pain. I am so grateful to finally be living a normal life! I for sure couldn't have done it without Michelle and the bioresonance.

Bridget V. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Since my first encounter and my first introduction with Bioresance Therapy, I have continued to see Michelle and any time I had an issue with any health concerns and continue to be completely satisfied with my treatments and results.

Eric L.

Edmonton, Alberta


As a first-time bioresonance client I was impressed by Michelle's passion and knowledge in this field. She is extremely kind and friendly and makes the whole process comfortable and pleasant. I would highly recommend Michelle as your first and last bio practitioner for those interested in this alternative therapy. 

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